10 July 2005

Almost ready to leave

For those of you that need a little catch up, or the full story, keep on reading. For those up to date, sorry you will have to wait for more..
If you need a quick update, I'll give you the condensed version, it will be short and sweet as I still have to finish packing my bag and bike. I am just waiting for some sort of drama to trip me up, as this is the most organized for any trip so far, packing a few hours before flying is quite normal.

I will be flying directly to London, here I will be flying to a small town in The Netherlands called Diesson, not to far from the Belgium border (the home of Eddy Mercxx, of course). This will my base for the next few months, but by the looks of the racing calendar, I will be here infrequently.
This is the base for the Pro Team whom I am working for, they are "Buitenpoort - Flexpoint Team". Based in the Netherlands, with a mix of most European countries, USA and locals. As yet, my Dutch is nonexistent so I can't read most of the information yet. I do know what country I am staying, where we are racing and the day of the week, that's about all so far.

The team is currently racing in Italy in the Giro de Femme, they are looking pretty good in the overall classification, with one more leg to race. They will be resting for a few days before we head to Germany for a stage race, more details as I receive them.

I will be the team mechanic till the end of the season, this will finish with the World Championships in Spain at the start of October. We have about 5 major stage races, 4 World Cup races and the Worlds to finish with, think I might be busy for a while...

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