3 August 2005

Computer action.

Just got my machine up and running, had to botch the thing a little, but otherwise a semi successful repair. Now we can get some action on the photo's if I can find them.

Had the use of one of the girls laptop the other day, which was a great idea. Until the thing got started up and I realized that the whole thing was in Danish! Being the sort of wannabe computer expert, I thought I could wing it with memories of what windows ask what to do. All was going sweet and after about an hour of trying to see my photo's (152 of them), I thought I downloaded them on to the laptop, they seemed to be coming off the camera and on to the hardrive.
I must have asked it to delete them off the camera when it had got them as they were missing off the camera that very moment. But bugger me if I could find them on her computer. I might have to wait for my Danish interpreter to get back to see if I haven't blown it totally.

Otherwise the bikes are sweet and the racing is wicked, but I'm not touching any of the computers on the bikes as they would proably shit themselves as well..

Try to keep this thing a little more interesting from now on.

cheers Benny

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