11 August 2005

Love that free wireless..

Did I tell you that I just love free wireless, got about ten good hotspots in the town here were we are staying. This one tonight is outside one of the two pubs, on the tables outside. Nice glass of wine, the sun still shinning, 23' C and it's alomost 8pm. The weahter here has been shit lately, very unholland so they all keep telling me. But every now and again they throw a good day in for good luck.

Got to go off road today, getting mud under my tires was sweet for my soul. Tried all day to get some Cyclocross tires for the Ritchey today, god damn if every shop we went wasn't closed. You just can't tell, half of them close for lunch for an hour or so, half of them are closed for the summer for a few weeks, and the rest of them close on wensdays. So it wasn't ment to happen today, but I went anyway.

One of the girls got a new Moutainbike today, so after 78km of time trail training in the wind, we rode to the trails and she still put up a good fight. I was on road tires, pumped up to 120 psi, in road shoes, so it was a bit of a handicap. She was still giving me a run for my money. Found some good single track,thank god that it's not too far from here. Found a great big pile of stinging nettle as well, four hours later my legs are still killing me. Was giving shit to the girls for wearing thier leg warmers in the sun in the forest, they kept on smiling at me.... now i get it.

Righto got a day off tomorrow, taking the camera out for a bit of ride, then back down here to show you some pic.

Don't get too cold, benny

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