22 January 2006

Here I come

After a brilliant summer, work has been full on, the weather has been perfect, not too much rain. Some almost perfect days bring me inside later in the evening looking at the plummeting temperatures at the base I work out of. Currently 0’c and they have a low of -4’c expected tonight. I am ready for a winter, now to find some nice warm merino, perfect.

I leave in a couple of weeks, ahead of the season to prepare the 30 bikes we are expecting. And they are looking good, not the first colour we wanted but we are fighting against time. We happen to be going into production as a four-day festival begins. The team truck is all stickered up and ready for us to fit out the interior. I have a week to prepare the bikes and the truck for the training camp in the south of Portugal. The team, all bar Susanne will be attending the camp so I thought I better as well. Plus it gives me a chance to ride in someplace I have never ridden before.

The silver frame, looks pretty cool..

Work has been busy as, over the summer, cycling seems to be getting very popular here. I have been rushed off my feet the last few weeks trying to pack, and get rid of most of my junk. Quite amazing the amount you can gather in a very small amount of time. Its all going, either sold , donated to friends or packed for storage. I have decided to get rid of most of my bikes, seems crazy to keep so many at once. Going to keep my few favourites of course. It’s been hard selling a few of my older bikes, only if they could tell a few stories. I have worked out that most of them are going to good homes so the breakup is not so hard to deal with.

I will be working for the same team as the stint last year. I have decided to stay for the complete season, and may even stay for the start of the Cyclocross into the start of winter. I will give the team a year or two, just as long as they are wining…
I will be working for the Swedish Cycling Federation for the Worlds in Austria at the end of this season and they have shown interest in me working with them all the way to the 2008 Olympics. So it’s all go, and I am going to seize every opportunity I can.

The girls in our team WWW.cycling-for-women.nl are all getting very excited about the first racing, they have been training all winter and are ready to bust out. Sounds like it has been a cold winter for some of them. Coldest winter in Sweden for years, very cold Denmark, lots of ice. So the two weeks in the south of Europe should warm them up a little after such cold conditions.

I have just had my laptop fully checked over and upgraded, especially after the dramas last year with it. It’s running sweet, and a lot faster, yeha. I got my self a nice small camera arriving first thing this week as well. Seem to have lost the last one, may be out of my jersey while ridding. Man I hope I don’t loose this one. After such a good result from the little T7 camera I have decided to leave my big one at home. The new T9 has an anti shaking feature which will be sweet for those times I am hanging out the window getting a crazy shot.

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