22 January 2006

A new beginning

A Ponga frond unfurling is signifying a 'new beginning'.

One thing I will be missing will be the NZ bush, but I got one more race to do before I leave the summer. This is in a beautiful part of the country in the Coromandels. This area is a special place for mountainbiking for us, steep, unspoiled, and some of the best views for some of the high points of the race. I haven't missed it since it started, and not missing it this time.

This will be a hotly contested race for the workshop staff at the shop I work at. All of the workshop staff will be riding this race so should be a lot of fun. But more on this later, it's nice to say goodbye to this country in such a special place.

A nice view off the top of the race track.

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Anonymous said...

Hi ya Benny,

Cheers for the link to your blogsite. Your photos are great - quite the artist! I haven't had time to read all the postings, funnily enough.

Best wishes for your time back in Europe.