28 February 2006

Cool Sculpture.

Found the coolest sculpture, not far from where we are staying in a little town called Loul'e. Just as you come into the town, it's the first thing you see as you drive up to the main street. We kept on passing through this town as we headed for the hills every day. I kept on hanging out the window trying to get the ultimate shot, but it was not happening. There was a big carnival on in the town as it was a 100yr anniversary or something, most of the streets were closed, so navigating through them was a nightmare in the car. Of course the girls could just cruise through the traffic and we had to fight our way through it. Most of the main streets were closed off with the party, and it's on for three days, so we were getting stressed in the car. Not me, but the boss, he freaks, as we can loose the girls real quick in such a mess. My job is to try and find a way out of the mess, with two maps, and my hand held GPS (this one does not talk to me for some reason, maybe I pressed her buttons too many times). Some times it can be a real problem as one map is quite different than the other, but the GPS is on the money, but a little slow is such small streets, we have to make decisions real quick. But when we come out the other side, and race up the road to the girls we both sigh with relief. And my heart rate drops considerably..

So I got a little time this afternoon for a ride in the sun, and it was warm, no leggings or arm warmers. The first thing I did was head to this sculpture with my camera for a few shots. I have learnt from many trips to wonderful places, that to leave the pictures to say, 'I'll come back' is asking for it. Guaranteed that you will never, ever be in the same town at the same place ever again to get the shot you wanted. This year I will make a real effort to get everything I can, and never let a chance go by, no matter what the cost.

So here you are, a nice little photo essay on a wicked sculpture. As to who made it or what it symbolizes, well I didn't get that organized today, the riding was too good to look it that, but I will find out, just to give the artist credit where it is due.

This is the first one out of the car, it's not bad. And the below is also out of the car as well..

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scooter said...

yo benny,
so good to read up on your travels and check out your photos. stay well and good luck to all the girls.