18 February 2006

Getting ready for the sun

Only 2564km to go, that will be my call in the morning. I got all the bikes built, got he truck all packed up rearing to leave. Think I am looking forward to seeing what another part of Europe has to offer in the way of riding. Not sure what to expect from the terrain really, so I have packed all the bigger cassettes for the trip.

We have nine of our riders coming, the Director, his son and friend, and one of the sponsors and me. A few bikes to look after and a few girls to set-up on their new bikes. Should be a bit of fun for ten days in the sun. I have been checking out some of the rides we might be doing, and looks like I will have my work cut out for me If I’m going to keep up with the riding and the working, but I will give it a shot.

The truck is looking good for this season, if you remember it turn up at the end of the season, but was empty inside. During the winter it’s had a nice fit out with all that I may need to hang the bikes, store the equipment, and keep things safe while travelling. Now we are starting to look really professional in comparison to some of the teams. Someone has to set the standard, we do it in the race and we do it in the car park afterwards.

Heres a few picks of my days work getting ready to leave..






Souwesters said...

Noticed your brake hood angles are at about 4.5 degrees, might be a bit high. just food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Hey Benny! Nice Blog, hope you are enjoying it all!

Larissa, Doug, Gunnar & Denali