7 March 2006

A few changes around here.

A few new ideas up my sleeves, yep three of them tonight, that's the sleeves not ideas.
First up you will notice the counter on the right. I was getting concerned that all my postings and rantings were going to waste so I installed a means to measure the amount of people reading or cruising through my blog. So far I have been impressed, especially because I really have not told too many people about my blog, not the general public anyway. I think anyone can look at the stats of the counter, quite interesting to see the patterns. Of course half of the visits are me, trying to bring my numbers up of course.

I am going to start a section on Cool Tools for the budding mechanics amongst you. Find out what the pros are using, (hey that's me, I think?) find out what we are using. There are some pretty cool tools in this part of the world that we never see at home. I saw a few of the prototypes last year, and now you too can see some of my spy photos as well. Of course there will be some pretty simple tools as well, but they will be cool as always.

From a request from one of my loyal readers, I will be introducing our team to you over the next couple of months. This will include all the riders, permanent staff and all the behind the scenes people, and even the bike washer (hey, that's me again). I'm just working on a bit of a questionnaire so we can have a little bit of comparison and a little bit of fun with everyone. So will keep you posted on this one.

Another request is a rundown on our competition teams, well as much as we think we don't have any competition, I will give you a rundown on the other teams racing against us. Pictures of their team clothes, so you can recognize them in the group shots. Their team bikes, cars and trucks, just so you can see how much we rock in comparison. And any of the stars that the team might hold. So should be good for you to get an idea of how big the fields are.

Other Kiwis is another idea I have, as I thought it might be cool to find all the kiwis racing, yep there's a few more than you think. And if there are any more kiwi staff kicking around, think there are a few other mechanics in the men's Pro racing but have not heard of any with the Woman, silly boys. But will do my best to track them all down for ya.

And last but not least, Churches of the world. Not sure why this one keeps coming to me, maybe my catholic upbringing has me interested in this one. Or more than likely, they are generally the coolest oldest buildings in most of the towns we visit. They make such fantastic photo opportunities for me, generally we are starting in town centers, so of course being so organized I often have a few spare minutes in the morning to get the light just right. Like this Church in Belgium on Sunday, and the following one from Plouay in France last year. They are just so beautiful to look at, and it not a bike.

Oostraat (I think that's how you spell it), Belgium.

Plouay, France.

See how we go on the new ideas, can't promise you anything, but will give it a good crack. Righto, more later...and if there is any other good ideas you have, send them through, keeping in mind that kids read this site as well... and I will give it some thought.

Oh yeah, and for all you 'Lance Lovers' out there, how do you like his form now. Mr Livestrong, forever the battler with cancer, helping millions with their Disease, gets wind that his 'Wife to be' has breast cancer, so ditches her instantly. What a nice guy, you wouldn't see Jan doing that, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

even the geriatrics from redoubt road are reading the blog - we just miss the benny ramblings so much in person - ideas cool you could also start tipping world cup event winners

benny said...

Great idea, but my choices would be very biased towards our own team of course. But I'll give it a shot, with a 1,2,3 pic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Benny (we - 4 - all miss you and are adding to your counter)
That famous uniform (attached to one of your riders) was spotted in Wellington, see this link and others if you have the time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Benny
That famous uniform was spotted in Wellington (attached to one of your riders - must have had a better mechanic?) see this link and others
PS All 4 of us (I think?) are adding to your counter - keep all the wonderful stories coming

benny said...

Nice spotting of Susanne, wearing the Swedish Champ Jersey, she is racing this weekend for us, with a "real team". Yeah the pics are great, half of them from Sarah, what a day for her. She rocks, and is a babe to boot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Benny, Great to see the 'loyal readers' getting a plug. Looking forward to the team profiles and more 'Cool Tools'. Cheers, Arbu