19 March 2006

Girls on film.

I awoke to a house full of girls, nothing unusual for me, but these were real girls, not boys who don’t won’t to ride for the day (sorry lads, but you know who you are). Today was the photo shoot and the team house was busting at the seams. I ended up sleeping outside, in a new room we built in the garage for the overflow the odd time throughout the year It seemed a lot quieter than in the house that night. We were expecting the entire team and all staff (except three) for portrait shots in our living room. Then a quick trip down the road for a few group shots, vehicle shots and some pics of the girls on their bikes.

Bit of spit and polish.

I managed to bump myself to first on the list, so was out of the house in a matter of minutes. Cleaning and polishing a few bikes seemed like more fun than watching a bunch of girls cleaning and polishing themselves. Hey, slap a riding kit and a helmet on, and throw a bike between their legs, and they look normal to me. Apply makeup and give them some bouffed out hair, and most of the girls don’t look right, and they certainly don’t look as though they feel very comfortable. Especially when watched by a bunch of guys that normally see them all hot and bothered, covered in road grime, sweat and spit, after a few hours on the road. I hardly recognised some of the girls, but hey, they all looked pretty good (got to say that, otherwise I get the bash, after they read this).

Linda, Susanne L, and Loes.

Most of the photo shoot was for the Team Presentation we are having next Tuesday. The photos will be included in the Team book, calendars and riders cards, that will be sold or given away during the year. Most of these will go to the team’s fans, which follow us around Europe for the girl’s signatures and photo opportunities. Most of them will go to collectors and various young riders that are inspired by the girls, and some to those who just love girls in lycra, riding bikes.

Nice and clean, look at them sparkle.

So after skiving off to the workshop for the morning, I got all the girls bikes ready for the team shots. We needed both cars filled with bikes, and each rider needed a bike to ride. The sun was up for the day, thank god, but it was still a cool 1’c outside. The photos required the girls in their summer riding gear, short pants, short sleeved shirts. For the men, jeans, and our long sleeved, polo neck, profleece jackets, sometimes it pays not to be one the riders and today was one of those days. I was freezing, just standing around waiting. The girls on the other hand were huddled in the cars, waiting for the last moment to get out and pose.

Nice and clean, look at them sparkle! Smile, and pretend not to be cold.

Don't hit the Photographer Linda.

We managed to get everything organised so the girls were not hanging out in the cold for long, from what I hear, they were mucked about in the cold for hours last year, so we didn’t want a repeat of that again. A few hundred shots later, we were heading home. I will introduce you to most of them in the coming weeks as I am working on all thier profiles as we speak (or as you read). Most of the shots are getting posted on the Team’s site next week after the presentation, but I’m going to be busy this week coming, so I will post my shots now, hope I don’t give too much away. Or get into too much trouble, oh well.


Anonymous said...

Hey Benny

Its Bryon Mosen - great to hear what youre up to. The Scott is getting trashed up in woodhill. Off to oz in a couple of weeks doing the sydney 24hr mtb with some workmates - they pulled my race no out at the rotorua 24hr for the major spottie 5 x airfares, bike fares & entry to event & work is chucking in a couple of k's too. My niece Amy is off to frogland in a few weeks with nz devel squad staying at the nz house there.

benny said...

Nice work on winning the prize, its a good race in Sydney, huge. If I spot your niece, will say hi for ya. We race stage race in France in a few weeks, the kiwis are booked in so will hopefully catch up with the current team there. Later, off for a ride now but with 2'c outside it's going to take me a half hour to dress, so beeter start soon.