15 April 2006

Busy weekend.

On the way to work, Moergustal.

Racing today up in the north of The Netherlands again, a small town called Appledoorn, not too far from where we were last weekend. A UCI points race so should have a few teams there. Of course it's flat, one little hill in it, but plenty of wind.

Site is here, but looks bad on this computer, maybe you will have better luck.


Also scored some VIP tickets for the Amstel Gold race in the south of the country as well. This is going to be great, a classic to not miss for this part of town. One of the best races that Holland puts on for the men. Already looking like a great start list. Nice not to be working for this one, see what we can see.

A smaller crit is being raced by some of the girls on Easter Monday as well, don't know anything about this on at all. Wait and see I suppose.

Then we got a biggy, on Wednesday, with '?La Fl'eche Wallonne',106 km race with start and finish in Huy Belgium, more on this later.

right, I better go, leaving in 15 mins.

Nice little customization, in a sea of black, Amsterdam.

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