18 April 2006

Racing tomorrow,'La Fleche Wallonne'.

Off to the bottom of the Netherlands, the beautiful Maastrict region for the '“La Fleche Wallonne'” 106 km race with start and finish in Huy Belgium. This is the fourwomen'sens World Cup for the season, and a pretty famous race for the men as well.

The Women start off after the men, ride a shortened course than them, and end up arriving an hour or so before the men. The course will be lined with spectators waiting for the men, so should give the girls a real good boost right when they need it.
From what I can see, this is the first time the NZ national team will be racing, be good to see who they have up here in Europe, for the start of the season, and the start thier program.

Righto, must fly, got to clean and pack everything for the early afternoon departure. You can read a little bit more from the following sites, about all I can find at this stage.


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