6 May 2006

Computer Meltdown

Well it had to happen as I thought my luck was just too good this year. This is the third day with major problems on my laptop, it smells like something is shorting out bad. It's been crashing hourly, and giving me some wicked looking screens to look at.

So hang tight for a few days until I get it sorted, got a few fixes to try on it yet. Also I start the negotiations for my housemates laptops to borrow tomorrow. A few days off the computer should give my hand a few days to get moving after it's little experiance the other day. More about this later as it's a good part of the Gracia story, and it will give me a chance to get some shots of the x-rays to publish. Yeah still got all 11, opps 10 fingers, and they almost are all moving.

Right, hang tight, back in a few days.

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