26 September 2006

Some links.

Time to sort out a few links to the photo pages here. You can go and have a look at the Euregio Tour.

Also managed to get a few of the italy pics done as well with a Toscana one and a second here two

Then if you got time have a look at the first part of the Worlds, in Austria.

And while your there you might as well have a look at a bit of bike Bike Drifting.

And of course this made me laugh, the famous 'Lycra Outlaw', brings tears to my eyeswatching him ride away was poetry.

And this guy is real creepy, Peter Pan, found through the random search feature at the top of this page. He rocks, winner of some award for websites, you just can't help yourself laughing in disbelief.

And on random sites, how about this random video, British Soldiers having a good old laugh on LSD trails, to stop the enemy with laughter.

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