10 September 2006

Tragedy in Euregio Tour

Getting ready for the Rotterdam WC race, looking good.

While racing the third stage of the Euregio Tour, Miriam, while taking a very dangerous bend on a downhill descent, crashed hard. We had given warnings of the corner well before the peloton had reached it, but it was not enough. With high speed, Miriam took a corner a little too wide, thinking she was safe, steering herself into the grass verge, overshot the edge of the road, falling on to the road below her. Impact was through the right knee and the left side of the face.

Injuries include, broken hip ball joint, broken pelvis both front and rear of the socket that holds hip. Fractured Jaw in three places, lacerations to knee, elbow, and forehead. Surgery has gone well and they have fixed all of the damage, she has left intensive care and now is on the way to recovery.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you Miriam, here's to a speedy recovery, and a quick return to your saddle. Your bike is waiting.

Waiting for the satrt, Euregio Tour

This accident could not come at worse moment, with her recovery almost complete from her surgery a few months ago. Form was just returning, with the first races looking promising, on the way to the World Road Champs in Salzburg in a week or so. Out will also be the Cyclocross season, which was about to start.

Hey, on a lighter note, we all ride, we all crash. Shit happens, and it's not nice when it happens to someone we know, we all feel for her, some of us more than others (cause I crash more than most). Time is a good healer, we have lots of that in our lives, thank god for that. Sitting in a couch watching TV can be more dangerous for your health, and think of the fun you are missing out on.

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