17 January 2007

Good Press

We are starting to get a great amount of interest in the local racing scene here. All the press releases for the upcoming races are starting to flood most of the Cycling news and Spots sites. It will be good to see how much interest they can stir up here for the Trust House Tour coming up in Wellington (New Zealand). We may have lost the World Cup race that followed this tour, but the organiser is making up for it with a extended tour this year. We may see some settled weather this time around, as the last few years have been a bit out of control.

The beautiful Welling Harbour, TT 05, Bianca Knopfle.

The first of the press releases are starting to turn up, so maybe we might get a few spectators lining the streets. You can read it here, and there is the same article in Cycling NZ pages here as well.

Jean-Paul on stage, talking the team up in 05

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