5 February 2007

A day at the beach

For those of you having a great time in the middle of winter, up to your ears in snow, freezing yourself on your bike. Rain and sleet, covering you the moment you leave your home. I just thought I might give you a taste of my country and the weather that we are having to put up with here in good old NZ. I have only got a month left in my beautiful country before the traveling starts for the season again.

Located on the west coast, about a half hours drive from the center of Auckland.

So I thought I would give a little look around a few special secret places I frequent, places where it is hard to see any signs of a modern world. Places where it's hard to find even a single footprint, or any signs of man. Places where even locals have lived close by all thier lives and never bothered to look around.

The beautiful view from the road above.

Anawhata is hard to find as it is very much off the beaten track. Most people miss the small dirt road that leads to this fantastic beach as they head to a very populated Piha Beach. The west coast of NZ,is a very dangerous place for the uninitiated, large surf, black (very hot) iron sand (yep they make steel from it, and you can pick it up with a magnet) and some very fast changing rips.

Some of the thick native bush that hides this fantastic beach.

After a small 10km drive on a dusty dirt road, though some very thick native forest. There is some of the best sea vistas that money can't buy. Almost brings tears to my eyes as I spy the coastline from the 500m elevation of the road, looking out into nothing on the horizon. Watching the surf break near the coast can almost put you in a trace like state, perfect for washing the troubles of the city away.

A small hike down a very steep bush track, brings you on to a beach where on any given day there is not a single person to be seen, or any sign of them been there before. With some great old rock formations getting beaten up by the pounding surf, you wonder how they managed to last this long.

What a great sight as you exit the bush trail.

With a temperature of about 30'c, the sea was looking very enticing, even though we had just arrived. With the surf smallish, swimming looked like a great idea. The water was warm, almost too warm as we had trouble leaving to grab some lunch. But soon the sea was calling out to me again, and with the sun beating down on me, I had no trouble deciding, time for some body surfing.

The gang looking for a nice place to park up for the day.

Time to leave, trying not to think too much about turning away from such a beautiful place and heading towards the city. But the good thing about this place is it never changes much. The walk down to the beach is a killer, let alone the walk out. With you legs burning from the climb, you can imagine it putting many a visitor off from coming back.

The last look back, and the shot of the day.

You can check out a couple of sites
and also wikipedia has a referance as well. Or if you want check out Google earth, but not sure how to link this one yet, but chuck Anawhata, Auckland, New Zealand into teh search and you get to see half the beach in focus, but get an idea of where is is at least. And if you don't have Google Earth yet, GET IT, it's free, and you can waste a lot of time looking at the World. It's not that big, it fits on the screen ok.

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