15 March 2007

Photo Time

Finally got a little bit of time to upload a few photo albums for you to look at. Got a little bit of my beautiful country, for you to look at and dream you were here. Also some local shots of the wicked city I live in as well.

A quick bike tour of Melbourne, a few bike shops and a bit of other stuff.
Then you can have a look at the start of the seasons racing over in Australia, near Melbourne in Geelong. And some of the first World Cup race for the year, and the finish of the Geelong Tour.

And if you are still hungry for some more, check out the latest form the Tour Of Wellington, with the race report coming up soon.

All of these will be linked through to the photo links here to your right, so you can see yourself later, or show your friends, or whatever you want to do with them. Righto, I will get cracking with a race report on the weeks racing, so that I don’t forget any of it. One more week in NZ, then off to Europe I go, with a few days in Hong Kong along the way for a little bit of R&R. I should be ready for the first racing in the snow and cold of Europe. But that would be an bonus after the last few days of storms and wet weather we have been having here.

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