11 May 2007

A few more tests.

Still with stage 4 in Gracia, Trine had been on the front for most of the race, with one lap to go we came up to check she was good. UCI rules say we can aproach the group if there is less than 16 in it, to feed or give instructions, it's a good way to talk without the radio, and gives us a chance to see how the rider is doing. Trine was looking good, and she won, so it must have helped.

A little bit of the Timetrail in the Gracia Orlova stage race. Susanne was second last to leave, sitting second in the GC to Arnt. She raced well, gaining second place for the day, loosing to Arnt by only 5 seconds. We also won 3rd, 4th and 5th as well, proving once again we are one of the strongest teams around.

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