24 June 2007

Coolest Bike shop in Montreal

Alright, I had to put this place in before I caught up a little bit. After searching around at about five other stores for a few essential bits, I came across this store, and what a relief. All I was looking for was a couple of small parts, a seat collar, and a oversize small road stem. Both of these were to replace a couple of broken bits on Ambers home bike, but she needed them to race, as they were quite essential. These I know we have at the service course, most shops in Holland, my bro's shop in Auckland, and any really good bike store, you think then it would be easy in a big city. Well not until I found this store, about six stires later. With in momemts of setting eyes on it, I was in love. What a very cool front of store, and all the bikes outside were from customers in the store, not for sale. Kinda cool bit poking out the front, and what character in the rest of the building.

One of the coolest looking bike stores from the outside, that's for sure.

Immediatly I liked the layout, kind of made me feel right at home. There seemed to be some sort of bar theme to the whole workshop/floor layout. What could have been a rather funky, bar or restaurant in the past, seems right at home with some dirty cyclist squatters covering the place in grease. I loved the bar stools, who doesn't want to watch a professional working on thier baby. And the workstands in prime view, as you lean on clear bartops with nice shiney bits under it. The rear of the workshop, who once housed some pretty tasty alcohol in the past, storing stuff that will put the same shit eating grin on your face when you have had enough.

And the prime positions on the bar, drinking coffee, drooling over fruit beneath the bartop, watching your baby get some tender loving care.

And I have an expresso, and a set of those nice chris king hubs, on the side please.

Within minutes of arriving, I had been served by someone older then the shorts I was wearing at the time. I had all the parts I required,a nd a pleasent conversation to boot, a comsumers dream. Unfortunately I had no time to stop and enjoy the coffee and the ambiance, but it was a nice to see what I was missing out on though. You saw it first here folks, but I am going to be the first to steal the idea, if I ever own a retail store.

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eggsbrown said...

i suspect that they plant nails outside their shop : 5 flats in < 36 hrs!