9 June 2007

l'Aude TTT

Just a couple of video shots of the Team Timetrail, to give me a bit of time to finish my updates.

This was crazy as we entered the highway and rode it for about 7km till we took the first off ramp. With the cars buzzing the riders, it was a real bad move of the promotor to put the girls in such a potentially dangerous position.

And further down the road we had some nice roads, but with about thirty roundabouts to navigate, things were difficult. We still came in second to T-Mobile, under 6 secs gap, but they were also caught out doing a couple of the bigger roundabouts the wrong way. Otherwise we think we would have come a lot closer to them. They were not intentionaly taking the wrong way we think, as it was very hard for the team to work out which way to go.

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