11 July 2007

Giro De Italia

Don't worry, I am still here and kicking, just a little bit busy this month. Plus the added bonus of no internet connections to really speak of. But I know you are all busy with the Tour de France anyway so I don't feel too bad about my tardy updates. A few days left in the sun, sorry NZ about your weather, but the worse you guys have it, the better it is for us. We are only managing averages of about 30-35'c at the moment, perfect sun and no wind, so a little reprieve with a bit of cloud or even, dare I say it, rain would be quite refreshing.

Our fantastic loking team for the week.

So in the meantime, we have a few more days to go, things are looking good, and bad. But you wil have to wait for my report when I get back to the couch in Holland. check out the race here if you are pretty good at Italian, or here for some pics and English.

Riding some fantastic streets like this.


Cabin said...

Benny my man. Long time no see. Thought I'd say gidday. Nice to see the other side of "living the dream" - i.e. from a non-riders perspective

You'll be happy to know I finally gave single-speeding a nudge. racing a rigid 69'r setup in a colorado club event. Was flying on it. Better build me one up for summer.

benny said...

Hey Cabin Boy, nice ot hear form you, and very nice to hear that you have finally seen the light and got rid of your gears. Soon the transformation will be complete, and you can say goodbye to your gears for ever.
Hope the racing is going well, and enjoying the summer, beats floods and rain at home eh!
Later, another 4 stages to go here in the bottom of Germany, then some wicked singletrack in the Black Forest to clense my soul. Later