20 August 2007

Tour of Bira, video.

While awaiting a new bit of software for my video clips, I found this from the tour of bira, nothing special happening, but you might like it all the same. Stage 2. After stopping for a moment to water the trees, we move though the caravan. In no real hurry, it's not normally this relaxing. We were still in yellow, but the race was under halfway, no action as yet.

With the new software I should be able to have a lot more fun with the video that I have captured over the year. At the moment, the program I am currently using needs a couple of University degrees (or a child) to work it. I have not really had the time to master it, so I looking forward to messing with the new program which has been designed for dislexic, lefthanded, ADD sufferers like myself. Maybe I can give it the hour or so to master it this time, rather than throwing it in and going riding. I have been sitting on some good stuff, but looks shit unless its all spliced into a story. more on this later.

The new program will also enable easier photo downloads for people wanting to steal my images, sweet, and making it easier to upload them for me. This should be interesting as I was getting tired of waiting for updates with the old system

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