30 October 2007

Great Inventions for Cyclists

Now I have always been a sucker for making breakfast a little bit easier, especially those early morning training rides. Or even, the ungodly early morning race starts promoters come up with. I’m also a sucker for anything in a can, things like whipped cream, cheese, paint, nitrous oxide, to name a few classics. But this product has to take the prize for ease of use, and a great convenience food for starving cyclists.

How easy can it be, put a pan on the stove, and press the nozzle, cook, smoother in syrup and eat. I love the idea, and full points to the designers of this great invention. Now if only they can make a gluten free option, for those of us that are enemies of wheat, then I would have a fridge full of it. And thinking of it, why even cook it, just pump it into the stomach, even faster than cooking. Can’t wait till someone designs a ‘salad in a can’, that would be great for getting your daily dose of greens.

Check out their website here.

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