2 November 2007

Time To Say Goodbye.

Only a couple more days left in Holland, and my job here is done. So now it's time to say goodbye to the team, and to the country. So to make things easy, I found a few pics, they can do all the talking instead.

Amber, with the yellow jersey, last stage, which we lost by .25 sec. Thuringen, Germany

Luise posing the new outfit she won on the weekend, the German Road championship, Giro, Italy.

Klas thinking, now we won this tour, only 2354 km drive, home tomorrow about 4am, training for three hours, in the morning, then wash the bike.. Bira, Spain

Loes Makerink, out the front of the bunch, Little Italy, Montreal, Cananda.

Patrique, one of the soigneurs, enjoying the morning's sun. Zeeland, Netherlands.

I had to put this one of Loes M, messing around in the cold, and raining morning, Zeeland, Netherlands.

Hey it's Rudd, another soigneur, hanging out in the sun before the start, Bira, Spain.

Trine, hanging around, waiting to warm up. Giro, Italy

Suzanne Van Veen, almost ready to start the ITT, Bira, Spain.

Mirjam and Jean-Paul, having a laugh in the rain, waiting to leave. Giro, Italy.

Hey what's got lunch Yvonne, our number one soigneur for the season.

Me and my truck for the year, cruising the highway in France, nice and relaxed before the racing starts.

Mie, only with us for the start of the year, a couple of nice wins. Drente WC, Netherlands

Loes G, ready to start the Gracia TT, think we did pretty good that day, a full podium. Czech Rep.

Hey It's Madeline, and her sister Fabian, having some fun before the start. Gracia, Czech Rep.

Susanne, hanging out before the start, in Sunny Wellington, NZ.

Hey it's Iris, up to no trouble again, man she looks guilty. Drente, Netherlands.

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