21 January 2008

Bikes of the TDU #3

Todays bikes come from the Astana Team, of course it's just a plain bike while they wait for their new seasons colours. No Discovery branding anywhere on the bike, but I was expecting it. The new colours arrive in few weeks, more of the light blue and Yellow you already now from the flag, and jersey. Big change is moving to Sram 'Red' for the season. But they look pretty sweet all the same.

The new Trek, in old colours.

Sram SRM carbon cranks.

Just love that Red

The team line up for the week

The very nice Aeolus 6.0 Bontrager wheels


Anonymous said...

Nice bikes, but that blue doesn't work with the Astana blue. No way.

benny said...

Don't worry the new colours are on the way aparently. Should look very bold, and very Astana looking he says.