29 January 2008

Stage 6

Finally got some internet. So can get to write a few stories and post em up. But in the meantime, you can have a look at the last pictures, on the final stage. And there is some great action captured, at least it helped me take my mind of the race for a few seconds here and there.

And if you have not heard the news, WE WON, we won the final stage, and won the tour, great news.
But you have to wait for a day or so, until I get organised. But it was a real great tour for the boys, and great to work with the men for a change, it was fun.

My shot of the tour, with Andre winning by a few inches, but even better is the whole team in the background with their arms in the air. It was a fantatic feeling when he got over the line

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the AWESOME pictures from this years TDU....Enjoyed viewing them very much...

Dave Mikalofsky
Wausau,Wisconsin USA