17 January 2008

Tour Down Under Previews

It's almost that time of year, for the Tour Down Under. Things are starting to hot up around Adelaide, and I don't mean the weather. With most of the Pro teams arriving en-masse, there is plenty to look at. Most of the teams are on their new bikes for the season, and I will try and get some shots loaded in the next few days of some of the bikes they will be racing on for this season. And maybe even a few of the mechanics in their pits for the next two weeks. I am sure there will be something for all of you. Keep watching, and if you are here watching for the week, watch out for Kangaroos, they are pretty crazy on the bike.


Richard said...

Mr Wrench, just found your blog. Great writing keep up the good work. Liked the tips for using a hairdryer.


benny said...

Sweet Mate, I try to keep it rolling on. If you see big gaps in the season, it normally means I might have some work to do, or worse I need some sleep. Later