15 February 2008

New kit for year.

By now you would have all seen our new kit for the season, if not here is a couple of pic I stole from Cycling News. Or course I thought the black strip was very cool, it was very flattering on the couple of rides I had with it, but not everyone thought the same. Thinking it looked a bit cheap and not very fitting for such a professional team. Maybe the fact that it looked a bit like the New Zealand National kit was why I liked it so much. But hey even the new strip has to be better than the last few years of T-Mobile’s colours. I only had one reservation coming to the team, and that was the use of pink, opps, I mean magenta everything, bikes, cars, truck, clothes, etc. But now it’s the best of both worlds, black and silver bikes, a bit easier to keep clean. And a nice looking uniform on the road, at least we should be able to see them from a distance again.

Adam Hansen in his new Aussie TT colours.

And a pic of the new team shirt, matched with black shorts, with the stripes down the side like last season.

And keep watching the cycling sites, as the team has their big presentation to the worlds media, in the next day or so. Held in California, voiced by Phil Legget and shown around the world to all the cycling fans, it should be interesting to see the full team line up for the season. And if there is any new sponsors, we should know by then.


Jon said...

Hey, are you going to be at the tour of california? im going to be at the prologue and it would be cool to meet you..

very cool to see Adam in the national TT kit.

benny said...

Nah sorry, will be starting the Geelong tour and World Cup with the Women's team later on this week. http://www.geelongworldcup.com/2008/
Then off to New Zealand tour, then I think I head to California for the Redlands Tour and a few other races with the Women's team, maybe then, we see what the teams plans for me are.

Anonymous said...

Did they take you back for the team presentation to California - or did you have to stay in OZ with those Australians


benny said...

Nope, got a couple of weeks off riding my bike. Getting ready for the Geelong tour and a few months of racing in Europe.. Maybe next year, but good to miss it, not my sort of thing.