15 July 2008

Another Change of Colour

Finally I am back from the Czech Republic, a week with no internet connection or Tv for that matter. So it's time to catch up on a bit of news. Of course you would have all seen our new colours for the next few years, all the way up to the end of 2010 if all things go well. And by the looks of things they are going very well (but that's coming up later). SO now that I am allowed to show it, here is a good preview of what the new colours look like. There is plenty more to come, but you probably see more in the coming weeks in the cycling media as we continue our world domination, both in the men and women's peloton.

Here we see George sporting the new look jersey and shorts and helmet.  Pic stolen from somewhere on the net.

And here we have Madeline featuring the new aero skinsuit and booties. It's a really fast suit from what the wind tunnels test show us. And the bike is looking very clean and shiney as well, I might add.

The first truck to get it's makeover, all the other vehicles are quivering in excitement in getting peeled and stripped ready for their new skin.

One of the cars with half branding, the real race cars will get the full makeover. But you get the idea anyway.


Anonymous said...

I agree the new outfits look good.May you have many years of sucess ahead of you Benny.I enjoy your photowork immensely.Hope your team rocks the Tour. cjg of eroticalee.

benny said...

Why thanks, happy to share my sights and travels. benny