17 July 2008

Congratulations Boys

After spending almost a week in the Czech Republic, with no TV or internet connection, I came back to some fantastic results. So I thought it was about time to congratulate our boys in blue currently riding the Tour. I have worked with all of them on previous races, so kind of know them pretty well. Watching them ride on TV, I feel as though I am there sharing their pain and joy. But it’s just not the same pain, lying on the couch in the sun watching the last hours coverage, but I do feel the joy when they win though.

Our team for the month from left. Kim Kirchen, Marcus Burghardt, Mark Cavendish, Gerald Ciolek, Bernhard Eisel, Adam Hansen, George Hincapie, Thomas Lövkvist, Kanstantsin Siutsou. (photo stolen from Cycling News)

It’s only been ten stages, but they have managed to pull off the almost impossible so far. Two stage wins with the fantastically fast sprinter Mark Cavendish. One with a 1st, 2nd with Gerald Ciolek. A second for Kim in the first individual TT. A few top ten places in the first few stages for Kim Kirchen. They carried the green jersey for a few days on the back of Kim Kirchen, but then he decided to swap it for the Yellow. The coveted yellow jersey, the want of every professional cyclist, and for a team, one of the greatest prizes you can get for a hard days work. This, the team managed to keep for four days on the back of Kim, but lost it on the Queen stage the other day. But Kim was fighting the whole day, and still isn’t done yet. In fact we had the young jersey as well, making a hat trick with Thomas Lövkvist. What a great start to the Tour, and a great start to Team Columbia. May they have many more successes, as the tour unfolds over the next two weeks. Of course you can keep up with the news on our own team’s website.

The second stage win for Mark Cavendish, with Gerald Ciolek coming in second. (photo stolen from Cycling News)

So good luck for the rest of the tour boys, my congrats for the wins so far, and success for the future.

Kim putting on the yellow jersey for the first time, he looks pretty happy as you can imagine.(photo stolen from Cycling News)

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Misty said...

Awesome job....congratulations! I love your site! Thanks for the updates!