20 July 2008

More Success

Go away for a couple of days, and what do you know, they did it again. Mark Cavendish pulls off another two stage wins. Unbelievable for only his second Tour, it can only get better from here. A total of four stages now for the little guy, and by the looks of things he may be aiming for the last stage as well, why wouldn't he. Thats assuming he can make it over the Alps without any problems, what a blast if he can make it five.

Cav taking out his third win, looking pretty relaxed as well. (Photo stolen from Cycling News)

I forgot the other day to mention the crack team of mechanics looking after the team. Without them the team would be nothing, or at least not half as good as they are. So congrats to the mechanics on duty, Nick, Perry and Jorg, for a fantastic job. May you not get out of the car as much as other teams, and hope all the bikes make it home in one piece.

Nick and Perry posing in the truck, packed and ready to leave for the Tour.

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