23 July 2008

Tour Top Shots

Found this site somewhere on the net, and I thought I would borrow the images for a while (until they tell me to take them down). But here are some fantastic images I just thought I would share with you. If I was a photographer at the tour, I am sure my stuff would be a cool as some of this stuff. Credit where credit due, I ain't there, but these guys below were, so enjoy them while you can. So in no particular order, my top six shots of the tour this week.

Mark Cavendish sprints for 1st, Gerald Ciolek gets 2nd in the pouring rain on stage 8. Kim Kirchen takes the yellow jersey on the same day. (AP Photo/Laurent Rebours)

My good old mate the Devil (Didi), in full flight. He seems to be taking a bit of a low profile this tour, or the German television stations just don't like him. But nice to see is he hanging around as usual. (REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel)

Nice to see a bit of the massive country that France is. Great from the choppers, but not so much from the still cameras. (Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)

This is just a fantastic shot, almost looks a bit fake, kind of diaorama looking. And the lone spectator is great as well. (JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images)

What a shit day, so glad I am not on the bike on a day like this. It may be summer, but it rains sometimes as well. Giving the mechanics more work than they need, both during the race and afterwards. But hey, thats what they are there for. (JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images)

Everyone wants a a shot of the peloton going past the sunflowers. But you also forget the peloton of photographers following the riders as well. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

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