24 August 2008

Racing this week.

Just about to leave for a bit of a journey, ready for the next stage race for me and some of the team. The Tour of Ireland, featuring five good stages, covering some of the nicest parts of Ireland. A country I have never been to, and one that I have wanted to look around for a while, so it should be nice. They say it's the green isle, and very similar to parts of my very own NZ, but I have to see it to believe it. Think thats why the little bit of interest in the country.

We have a crack team of experts, ready to show the locals how it is done, and maybe some of them will race their bikes as well. The truck is packed, and we are about to hit the road for a bit of a long trip. A few hundred kilometers to Calais in France, here we board the ferry to Dover, England. Up though England to Holy Head, on to another ferry to Dublin, Ireland for the start of the race. So stay posted, as I am sure they will have internet somewhere there, I will find time for some photos to get posted anyway, if not the odd story.


Anonymous said...

Give us a wave as you pass up the A2 Benny - joe and janet.

benny said...

Will do, but might be working on the Tour of Britain, so might catch up after all. The weather is shit here in Ireland already, hope it gets better before we race.

drmathew said...

Hey, best of luck - the tour of Ireland and ferry

Anonymous said...

hey Benny, hope you enjoyed ireland. The weather was not that bad. Did you get the camper fixed?At least it making parking in the team area easier.