8 February 2009

Cross Worlds Pics posted

Check out a few of the pics from the weekend. I was kind of working, so all of them are from the pits, nothing too exciting, but might be something new for you. Check em out here.

And when it finally loads, a small video. But looks like shit when it's all compressed, so will try somewhere new to post it. It's a shame really as it is filmed in full HD and looks wicked on the computer.

Ok try this one, once I have figured out how to host it properly, medium or large size to view, here Looks a lot better now.

Qatar is a pretty crazy place, not really the place to ride a bike, but maybe the race will be better. Long, straight boring roads, but at least we got air-conditioning in the car. But more later, racing starts in the morning, so should get some rest.

The long road forward, 40km one way.

Sure this building has been photographed many times, but not with our team in it, that's for sure. 

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