9 March 2006

Cool Tools #1 and #2.

To start with this new section I have a couple of goodies for you, well I have heaps waiting, but can’t give away all my secrets on the first date.

Speaking of first dates, finally a product for those of us blessed with something great between their legs. A great little tool from the folks at Selle Italia, for that extra protection, in size that fits all. I just received a couple of new saddles and just about threw this beauty out as it was hiding in the bottom of the box. Made from silicon rubber, so it stretches the extra mile, and best of all it’s reusable. But more on this later.

My number one tool for the last three weeks has been this fantastic new product from Park Tool Company. The UK-1, funny enough it stands for Utility Knife No:1. This time of the season I have had to unpack a whole load of stuff. That means opening many cartons, packages and small boxes. Seems like my UK-1 has not left my hand much since I got it. Feels nice and cool to the touch (for when summer starts) and looks very cool as well.

Made from some cool anodised alloy and stainless bits, this is one strong knife.
It does not give you the feeling that it’s going to close up on your pinkie at any stage. Cuts through a whole lot of stuff at once, for example, the outer carton, the inner packaging, three layers of plastic and a leather saddle covering, all in a single pass. Makes bike boxes flatter than pancakes in a matter of minutes. It can open a Dura-ace groupset before you can say ‘Campag is a bunch of old shite, why don’t they move into the future sometime soon’. It can ream the inside of a carbon steerer in seconds and open the huge block of Dutch gouda with consummate ease.

It folds up neatly, safe for the bottom of your tool box, or the bottom of your pocket. And if you’re a dick, you can also wear it on your belt, just between your cell phone and your bunch of unnecessarily large keys. It stays shut and has a nice, well operating lock to keep it open when in use.

But as usual, it was given to me with no instructions (yes I read instructions, and junk mail) so when It came to switching the blade, it was a bit of a mission. I pulled the little knobby thing apart, but no joy. And was just looking around for a 2mm Torx to undo the three screws, and I thought there must be another way. And there was, just push the button, and what do you know, the blade comes loose. Since then I have found some instructions, for next time. http://www.parktool.com/products/detail.asp?cat=19&item=UK-1 . And if I had to comment further, the Park Tool graphics are upside down, asthetics sometimes sell products like this, and it makes it hard to get a good photo.

Thanks to Frank from Marleen (Park Tool NZ) for the parting gift, it’s working well.

Now back to the great product from Selle Italia, made from silicon, for that extra protection. So put some fun between your legs, and never ride that saddle wet again. This tool is great, as it fits any saddle, sticks like glue and won’t blow off even when you are travelling at breakneck speeds in your car. Feels great to pull it out of it’s packet, almost a satin feel to the outside, a little bit grippy on the inside. I just pulled it on, from the front, and what do you know it stretched all the way back the end.
Love the look.
So for those wet days, which if you live in The Netherlands, is almost every day so far, this will work wonders for your saddle. Keep it nice and dry, for that first ten minutes of your ride, then forget about the wet ass, you know the deal from here. I pulled it on and off a few times, and every time it worked perfectly. Every now and then, you could pull it and reposition to get all the wrinkles out. I’m going to see if I can modify a couple of these for the shoes, perfect for bike washing. Good on you fellas, I love feeling protected, buy one, and relax on your next wet ride.

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