11 March 2006

Ready, set.

Just a very short note to give you a link to the race we are at this Sunday.
Sorry but there is no English option, but I'm sure you can find your way around the site. You will have to cut and paste these links as my blog skills have not quite got that part sussed yet.

The race

The Start list

The race uses most of the same course that the men race, so it's a nice tough one for the start of the season. I found a nice picture of one of the climbs. It's a beauty, a few cobbles just to keep you honest.


Right, time for some sleep, the last for a couple of days. Racing Sunday, then the team photo shoot on Monday, 9am sharp with all the bikes perfectly clean for the cameras. After the dirtiest race of the year, it might be an all nighter on Sunday to make the early deadline. The mechanics will be looking normal, tired, bloodshot eyes, dirty hands, blank smiles, grease on their clothes, sweet.

Also got a copy of the latest race calendar for the team, that also means my calendar as well I suppose.
Now to try and fit a few mountainbike races, some race spectatoring of major tours and a few classics, some sightseeing, a few Formula 1 races, and the odd day off, should be easy enough.

Oh yeah, the counter is working well. Glad to know that my work here is is not wasted. Almost 200 hits for the first week that it was counting, and I'm sure I was only responsible for 50 of them. Kind of make me feel like someone cares, so thanks for reading, and thanks for your feedback, without you it would only be my mother reading this ( well I hope she is). It helps keep me off the streets at night (they are far too cold anyway), and helps me give the impression that I am working hard over here.
My boredom last night was taken up with my new polling software, so click away, there will be some interesting results by the look of who's reading this blog. I'm sure that I can think of some great polls to come without too much trouble. I just happened to be looking, testing and voting late last night, and happened to be Viewer No 300, it felt great. So I thought I would share it with you, as I had no other photos for you today, later.


Anonymous said...

Hi Benny,
Matt here Peter's mate, loving my new bike thanks for helping me out. Just clocked up the 1st 1000k over the weekend and have lost 13kg so far. Keep up the good work on your blog site I love visiting it, makes me wish I was there. Cheers Matt

benny said...

Keep up the good work on the bike Matt, by the time I get back there will be nothing left of ya. PS Sarah Jane is going to kick your ass very soon so watch out! How are the other lads doing, hope you are keeping them motivated..