21 March 2006

New Race wheels.

I just set up some of our new race wheels today, some very nice carbon clinchers from Bontrager. Bit weird to see carbon used for regular tyres, but you got to go with the flow some times. They were used by a few pro teams, testing around the races in Europe last year, so I got to trust them. The sidewalls look pretty crazy, and I was not pumping the tyres up too fast, just in case.

Nice rear.

And front, love the spokes.

Called the XXX Carbon Team Clincher, these suckers are light at only 590gm for the front and a mere 790gm for the rear (those on Ksyriums, the rear is the same weight as your front). For a total of 1350gm a set, you might need to put some weight on your bike to keep them on the road.

Even the inside of the rim is pretty nice.

Complete with DT Aerolite spokes in Ferrari Red, these wheels look amazing, with the carbon hub glistening in the light, almost brought tears to my eyes. The only hubset that managed to actually make me cry was my Chris King Singlespeed MTB set (sorry, still got dirt under my finger nails). Nice light titanium skewers finished these off well. Will endeavor to weigh them up with a cassette and tyre on, just to make you want a set yourself. Hey at a nice price as well, only US$2699 (NZ$4255)

Let you how they ride next week, as I think I should test these out first. Can't let the girls try them out, just in case they don't ride too well. Could be a few days to test all five sets as well, oh well, someone has to do it.

Can you work out the differance between the two diagrams, I sat there for a while trying to work out what they were drawing, gave up, then found the lower sticker on another wheel. These wheels may cost a lot, but are still made by trained monkeys in Taiwan.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Benny, Shaun here. Great looking wheel set. Not sure if you will be getting any Com Games news over there. Rosera Joseph got silver in the Womens MTB and Kashi Leuchs was 5th in the Mens.