25 April 2006

Bern World Cup, Switzerland

Sorry no time to spare today, so I will leave you with a photo essay instead.

A short drive to bern in the beautiful Swiss countryside, saw the fifth race of the world cup series. Many people started and many did not finish, most from time penalties. The race was pretty hard for most of the girls, with high speed, small attacks, and not much action. Amber managed to get away for a lap and a half, but got caught. A bunch finish, and none of us on the podium.
More later. Now time for me to leave for tour of Gracia.

All lined up and ready to race.

On the way to the race, only a few km's to go, but a nice warmup.

Our gang getting ready for action.

The Kiwi gang, getting ready for some action.

Chilling before the start.

Through the start finish area for the first time of six.

Fanging it around the start lap.

All stretched out.

Heading towards the climb.

Nice little house on the climb.

some more pics here, password: benny http://homepage.mac.com/bennydeville/PhotoAlbum12.html

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