21 April 2006

Racing this weekend 23rd April

Almost ready to leave for Switzerland, for the fifth race of the World Cup series. A beautiful area for a race, some nice hills, and some serious competition going on in the points. Only a small drive of 980km, on nice fast German Autobahns. Find out more from the UCI site, or the race organisation site.

Race- http://www.berner-rundfahrt.ch/index.html
UCI- http://www.uci.ch/modello.asp?1stLevelID=AB&level1=0&level2=0&idnews=3926

A day after arriving back from this race we take a small team to Czech republic for four day, five stage race. A nice little race, with plenty of challenging stages. The Gracia Orlova, is a race contested by most of the teams, but a few stay away because of the poor conditions of the accommodation. A poorer cousin to most of Europe, they should learn to rough it a little occasionally. Read up a bit at.


We also have a couple of races on at the same time that weekend, so the team splits and some race in Switzerland at a time trail at the time of the Gracia. More on this later.

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