7 April 2006

Finally got it sussed.

After about six months of trying to work this thing out, I managed to win a round with cyberspace. But see how it works first before I start getting too cocky.

Been trying to figure out for a while, how you guys can check out some of my other pictures. And I think this may be the answer. As you can imagine with the digital age, many photos can be taken at no real cost. So here you are, a place for some of my other pics, that otherwise would not make it to the blog page. Some of them you will love, some will bore the shit out of you. But, rather than sitting on my laptop, gathering viruses, you might as well have a gander at them while I still got em.

The plan is to put up a gallery of surplus shots with every story, that's if there is any, of course. So for those of you who are bored with work, here you go, another 15 mins filled in for you. And for the rest of you, enjoy. If you like any of the pics, let me know and I can send you a better sized image, use them, abuse them, what ever you like.

Of course i only just started, so there is not much to see yet. But wait, there will be more.


Cut and paste that, and you need the password: benny

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Benny,

Great job. Loved the shots. Keep them coming. Great to see the NZ pics in there too. Just the thing for a quiet friday afternoons viewwing at work.