7 April 2006

Racing this weekend. 7th, 8th ,9th

Off for a three day race in the morning, the 'Ronde Van Drenthe' a real tough race for ladies. This one is similar to Flanders with it's cobbled sections, open plains and driving wind and rain. The Dutch girls are really looking forward to it, the rest of the gang are not to fussed about it. Again a really hard race for the bikes and the girls, hopefully no problems will come our way. Got most of the team riding on 25c Duraskin Conti Tubs, so the cobbles will seem a lot smoother. Most of the girls have got me to put another wrap of bar tape on as well. Just to give them a bit more comfort, and so they might be able to hang on to the bars some.

Got a big team this race with a total of eight girls signing in. Mirjam, Vera, Linda, Amber, Loes, Madaline, Sandra and Tanja all ready to roll. I have had a pretty busy lead up to this one, fighting a cold as well after my MTB outing in the wind and cold the other day (yes Jessie, I had enough clothes on). But got all my work done, got all the bikes I have ready, built a couple more spare bikes, organised 54 wheels, packed the truck, cooked dinner and lunch for tomorrow, and about to pack my bag and get some sleep.

Racing is way up the top of The Netherlands, so will be good to see, as not been up this high before. Nice and flat again, but should be some nice countryside to see. The weather is looking good so far, sun and no rain eminent, which should be great. Plenty of teams have entered as it's a UCI points race, so all the major players are here. Could only see one Kiwi on the start list, but might be a few more on the day. The girls are in good spirits with the win, and a third last weekend, so should be very interesting for the first day or two. With eight of the team racing, this should keep me pretty busy, as there is no second mechanic this time, damn it, looks like a few late nights ahead. With the hotel booked solid with riders, the car park is going to be a bit of a shit fight for position. We will race as fast as we can from the race for the best spot, then we got it for the next three days. Otherwise we push in next to a couple of smaller teams and just get in their way, they soon get the idea and move along.

right, better get some sleep.

Site for the race
Start list
Last years results

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