28 June 2006

Late update.

As usual, work is getting in the way of my blog and my writing. So I have decided not to catch up with any major stories, as the news is getting old, I have forgotten most of it anyway, and I have no time as usual.

So here is a quick update just to hold you over till I get some writing done.

Tour of Bira, Spain.
Four days racing in the sun, in the wicked Basque region of Spain. We rocked, controlled the race, day after day, but could only manage a second for Susanne. The Italian climber Liperini was too good for us. Sun, nice food, and some awesome sights to see in the finish city of Bilbao. I am defiantly coming back as a tourist here, to do some riding and have a look around the city, it looks fantastic.
Check out some more pics here: will get the link going soon.

Tour of Zeeland, Holland.
We rocked, first and second in the prologue. Yellow for three days for Linda, but lost it in the sprint on the last day. Hanging on for two stages, Linda was only leading with 1 second, the final sprint was worth 10-6-4 seconds, she was 2nd, so we lost the race by three seconds. Damn, so close. Wicked part of Holland, on a island, some nice beaches, good spot for riding.

More pics here

Nationals, most countries in Europe.
The team split up for their respective countries National Champs. I did a few of them starting with the Dutch TT, here we won, with Loes taking out the win, gaining the shirt, medal etc. Very happy mechanic as it was his work that helped her win.
Then I left for Germany for the TT and the road race. In the mean time we won a few more around the place.

Danmark TT – Linda cleans up by 2.21mins
Danmark RR – Linda takes out the double win
Sweden TT – Susanne wins again.
Sweden RR – Susanne wins the double
Switzerland RR – Annette our new girl wins the road race.
Holland TT – Loes wins
Holland RR – Loes 4th.
Germany TT – 2nd for Madeline and a 5th I think for Luise.
Germany RR – 4th for Madeline, 5th for Luise, 12th for Tanja.

I got some pics from Germany, but see if I have time to sort them out. By the way it was hot 32’c, I love summer, again.

The new computer is going good, but too much fiddling as usual saw me start from scratch again, now I know not what to do. But the old photo site is not happening, so the new one is getting a bit of a trial. It sucks, but I got to try it out and see if I can simplify it a little, but there are plenty of shots for you to look at. And see if I can’t find a better way. Anyone with some good ideas on the .mac account options for photo’s, please let me know, as I can’t seem to find out an easy way to display them.

Been back in the team house for two days, still have not unpacked me bags from the last two trips away, so it makes packing tonight even easier. So we race here in the north of Holland for a memorial race for a Dutch legend, and the father of one of the girls we race with tomorrow. I then leave directly for Italy, to arrive in time for the start of the Giro on Friday. This is a nine day stage race, the second biggest for the year. We start from Rome, so this should be sweet as I have not been there before, so I am pretty excited. So much history, so many stories to tell. The truck is full to the brim with bikes, we have 7 riders, with road and TT bikes things are pretty full.

Righto, better finish packing, get some sleep, as it will be a long few weeks. Hopefully there is some internet in some of the hotels so I can finish posting a few stories and pics. Oh yeah, how is the winter going at home, thinking of you as I was looking at the forecast for Italy, looks like we will be arriving with 38’c waiting for us.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Benny,

Good to have you back online.

The weather has been fine but very cold. 3-4'c in the mornings is making the ride to work a little cooler than usual even for winter. Major snow dumps and power issues particularly down south. Enjoy the summer.