5 July 2006

Giro De Italia

Very quick update as I have about five minutes left on the internet connection. Five stages down, four to go. Sitting in 4th in the GC, 1st in the teams GC, third place today. One crash, one broken bike, no broken girls, one flat. Many hours work, many km driving. Some awesome towns and cities, some wicked food.

check out some pics here http://web.mac.com/bennydeville/iWeb/Site/Giro.html
but the bummer is broke my camera yesterday, managed to smash the screen while crawling under the truck to fetch one of girls wallet that fell there. Forgot all about the camera on my belt, and smash it goes. But all the pics are taken blind, with out a view finder or screen. Shooting blindly can be fun, but most of the time it's just very lucky. But so far so good, got most of the shots i wanted, but it's hard not knowing what you might get.

righto more later.

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