17 August 2006

Route de France #2

Well, what a week, so many stories that I can't even start to think about writing about them. Nah, far too busy to even think about stopping for a hour or two on my ass to catch up.

The team on the podium after the team TT, which we won with over a min.

The Tour finished as expected, Linda ended up keeping the Yellow (orange actually) jersey for the last few stages. The team rocked when it came to defending it, and it was nice for Linda to get the girls working for her for a change. She didn't know what hit her coming in to the last stage, the individual TT, still in the front by 1.30 minutes to our second rider Amber then the third place at 2.19 mins. We also had 4th and 5th, with Loes and Sussanne so it was a sure thing, a win for us starting the last stage.

Hey is a Kiwi, Joanne K, riding for Univega Pro Cycling.

The TT was a killer, 29km of a very unforgiving course, with more climbs up than descents down. The first time over it in the car everyone was silent, there was not much you could say as it seemed to climb for ever. The second time over it didn't look so bad, and by the time the girls were on the bike it was looking much better.

A nice shot before the last road stage, Linda in Orange (yellow).

The start for me was a killer, as the girls were starting in the reverse order. Meaning four riders leaving in the last five riders. We found a couple of the neutral cars for Amber and Loes, Klass got to drive behind Susanne and I was following Linda. The time just seemed to disappear before us as were heading to the start. We had to organise five race bikes, five bikes on trainers, ten sets of spare wheels, two spare bikes and then get everything to the various cars and staff. What a nightmare, man I hate timetrails (sorry folks it has not changed).

Waiting for the start, I was watching the last of our team disappear over the horizon, then it was our turn. Linda was ready, her first big stage win to finish, a comfortable lead, a fantastic team, a awesome mechanic and a very clean bike, what could go wrong. Nothing, sorry, she cleaned up, second in the stage by a dew seconds, Amber sitting behind her in third at 3 sec. She won the Tour, her biggest, yet so things were pretty good at the team camp. A second place for Amber and fourth and fifth with Loes and Susanne. What a team, almost a clean sweep again.

A quick pack up and then a drive home through the night. Then I head to Stockholm in Sweden for the Singlespeed World champs with a few other Kiwi's. Should be a bit of fun, but the racing will hurt, a month off the bike has been my preparation, excellent.

Linda on the top of the TT course, rain looming, or is that a dark cloud on the faces of all the other teams.

more photos from half the race here http://web.mac.com/bennydeville/iWeb/Site/Route%20de%20France.html and more to come. Or from the link to your right.

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Luke said...

hello benny i see my photo's still on your blog site. hows life? ive got a new hardtail it's orange like my dad's.