5 September 2006

SSWC06 #2

Some very tasty smoked fish from this guy.

Race day started with a meeting at the waterfront bar/café Street, then a short ride to the trails. About 220 had showed up, all ready to race, or just hang out in the beer tent. Looking back over some of the bridges there was a long line of singlespeeds, brought tears to my eyes.

A gaggle of singlespeeds.

The bikes waiting for the start.

But you can see it here, a nice little video clip we found.

Check out the photo links on the right as well for that pictorial story.

First there was three, and then it grew.

The prize giving was a little bit strenuous if not forced, containing none of the drunkenness or sparks of other years. With the price of alcohol, no one could really afford to get rotten, but just slightly tiddly. The evening dragged on, and we found solace in a nice bar around the corner, some cheesy 90’s music later we were outta there.

Art shot #1

Spending the day cruising the city and the surrounding island, we headed out to a small bar, with three, throughout the night the mass grew, turning into to quite a gathering. About midnight, with a skinful of liquor, the races started. I knew better, and soon enough, the first tragedy was about to unfold. If you are going to street race, use your own bike as the one you grab might have the brakes around the wrong way. A guy we called Manchester took the biggest tumble I have seen for a while, lying on the road motionless, you could see he was writhing with pain internally. Just as soon as the fun started, two of the boys messing around, fell through a huge window, lucky enough to miss severing a body part. We left, in a big hurry, laughing at the mess riding back to the hotel.

Some of the local brew.

God damn singlespeeders.

And you can read some more here with Tony’s site. And yes I still have not learnt how to set up active links yet, so you just have to do it the old way.


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