5 September 2006


The afternoon sky

Copenhagen turned out to be quite a treat, dripping with history and draped in new buildings everywhere it kept us occupied for hours. I was like a combination of the canals found in Holland and the islands of Stockholm. The night lights were great, reflecting off the water everywhere and the streets were full of people, nowhere near as hungry as us though as we searched for a feed. After all you can eat at a BBQ restaurant, I just wanted to sit down, I was full. But we managed to find a few bars open late on a Monday night.

Through a nice art expo

The next day we cruised the same streets and a whole lot of new ones. We had been told to visit a place called Christiania, a hippy commune experiment, still barely alive with land developers breathing down their backs, they feel very threatened. Still it was nice to wander round on the bikes at some of the boundary properties, they were really amazing to the downright squalid.

God Damn hippies, can't they just buy some bars?

Spot our three bikes can ya?

The city had quite a lot of new building going on, with a few very cool buildings just finished. They seem to want to put their city on the map with some really crazy looking buildings, on an otherwise turn of the century look. The older parts of the city seemed to be out of fairy story books, with some brightly coloured shops to the old cobbled lanes. We found some good coffee and went exploring.

Nice block oof apartments built on the outside of a old oil silo

And the old part of the city.

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