20 September 2006

Test for links.

With some good help I think we may have sussed out how to link to anything I need. So here it goes.

Just put this word blog and then, as if it's magic... Your back again.

Or we can try this one, for one of my picture pages. And if things go well, you might get some action.

But that is shit as it does not open a new page, but this one might. It's worth a crack, so lets have a look at the Tour of Bern.


Miesi said...

hey are you bored in the rain ;) good luck tomorrow, hope the sun will shine for ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Benny,
Nice work, you've cracked the link issue. Great to have the blogs back, I figured you must have been busy. Lucy and Jack say 'Hi Benny the bike man'.

Anonymous said...

I knew employing that pet monkey would pay off eventually.