21 September 2006

Tour of Tuscany (Tuscany), Italy.

Heading back to Italy is always exciting, but this time it was going to be a little bit different. Our director and boss JP was not going to be coming, he was busy supporting his wife Miriam in hospital. I got thrown into the job of team Director, and got to keep my job as mechanic for the week as well. It was going to be busy, not only looking after the bikes, but organising the staff, transport, transfers of the team and the driving during the race. With only a small team of five, and most of them training for the World Champs the following week, things were not going to be that demanding.

I will endevour to write this one up properly, but next week, as we are pretty busy here in Austria this week, and the internet is shit in the hotel. I just spent a day or so of valuable down time trying to post some pics, but it has failed every time. But will try a few pics here instead. The picture on the beach was the only nice day for the week, in fact it rained every day, bar one. What a mess when it rains, but more later, enjoy the few pics.

The small, but very capable team for the week.

Of course there is always plenty of old churches here as well.

And some very nice sculptures.

And some very big sandwiches

Some very slipery streets, with smooth old stones.

And some dry slippery old stones, through old buildings.

Of course there was some racing, but from a different perspective for a change.

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