28 December 2006

Photo Pages

Right think I have posted most of the relevant pictures from the last few articles. You can find them in the links to the right, or access through one of the menus on top of the photo pages, or you can just push on any of the relevant words below.

All of the photo pages have been linked to the articles of the same name, for example Leaving NL photo site is the same name as the post. Think by now I could almost do it at the same time as the post so you don't get confused, but then it would be too easy then wouldn't it.

I had a great article half written on my London trip, but got a little bit carried away with it all, so decided to just do a few photo essays instead.

And last but not least, some quick shots of the few fine days we have had around Auckland and some of the rest of the country. This of course has a few more editions to come, but you have to wait as the sunny days are few and far between at the moment. But summer is still rolling, so expect some more wicked pic of my beautiful country, and the bikes in it.

Shots just like this one. Linda, out by herself in the Coromandel ranges during the K2 (200km Race), so nice.

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