9 January 2007

Pick of Pics 2006

Just to finish the year off, I decided to choose some of the best shots of the season. Chosen in no particular order, and covering most of the races of the year, it was a tough decision. But I managed to narrow over 5000 images down to about 50.

So here are my favourites, ready for you to enjoy. This will be the finish to this particular photo page. Think I have figured out how to start another one up, without destroying this one in the process, but time will tell.

Also new for 2007 I am trying to upgrade the look of this blog, but if it's missing for a few days don't worry, it will be somewhere in cyberspace, just hope that I can find it again. But I already had one go at changing the look, and it didn't quite go as planned, so hopefully the next version will work.

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